In 2017, Atlantic Cement Trading S.L. reached an agreement with Torralba Group to work on their behalf, both on Back office as well as on Commercial issues for their Gypsum, Pozzolan and Lime stone products.

The Group owns and operates very important reserves of natural gypsum, Limestone and Pozzolan deposits in the Province of Almeria, from where it extracts over 4 million metric tons of rocks annually enabling Torralba Group to be one of the major producers in the world.


Gypsum is not only a necessary component in the production of Portland Cement, but it is, apart from being the basic raw material for the production of plaster and plasterboard products for the building and construction industries, a fertilizer used in Agriculture.

Exported by sea from the ports of Almeria, Garrucha and Carboneras, Spain in vessels ranging from 2.000 up to 60.000 MT , our products are crushed and screened from 0-70 mm and/or from 0-40 mm with fines of 0-5 mm.

For more information on Torralba Group and its products, please visit Torralba Group site or send an email:

Torralba´s Gypsum Quarry

* The typical specifications analysis of the Natural Gypsum, Limestone and Pozzolana are indicative