With our main Trading office in Barcelona, Spain and our Liaison office in Pennsylvania, USA, we offer around the clock support to our suppliers, customers and partners.


Atlantic Cement Trading S.L is actively present, trading cementitious products on the African continent, the European one as well as to the Northern Americas and LATAM.

Enabled by its conscious market intelligence, and through its extensive network of global associates and suppliers, the Trading Department can ensure consistent and efficient raw material sourcing services, as well as commit to a dedicated marketing and distribution service to its clients and their products, and ultimately aim to provide the best value and realization for its Clientele.

In its first year, ACT went from 0 MT to over 1.6 Mio Mt of cementitious products and in 2017 we moved over 3.2 Mio Mt of Gypsum, Clinker, OPC, Bags, etc…, making us , with no doubt, one of the most reliable, trustworthy and efficient partner one can ask for.


Shipping being the back bone of Trading, ACT also has an extensive network of first class ship-owners and thus, also renders freight services to its clients.

From Freight contract negotiations, to chartering vessels, to doing the post fixtures handling and monitoring of voyages from loading to discharging, ACT. will always ensure you the best freight economies, making us your perfect partner at all levels of the trading business.